Join the WDC

       Members of the Workforce Development Council receive weekly electronic mailings and other direct communications. In these mailings members are informed on activities of the Congress, Department of Labor and other federal agencies on workforce development issues. Also included is information on what is happening in Washington and across the country on major activities in workforce development and employment and training issues.

The program year fee for services is as follows:

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City Population Membership Fee
under 200,000 $907.50
200,000 – 500,000 $1,815.00
500, 000 – 1,000,000 $3,630.00
Over 1,000,000 $5,445.00
Associate (non-voting) non-Profit member $1,210.00
Associate (non-voting) for-profit member $5,445.00
For more information on how to join, please contact Ida Mukendi, or (202) 861-6724.