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City Name and Name of Workforce Area:
Las Vegas, Workforce Connections

Contact Person:
Dr. Lisa Morris-Hibbler

Contact Information:

Carolyn Goodman




Interactive Career Exploration (ICE): This new innovative resource is accessible from any PC or mobile device and is hosted by fun interactive characters themed in Nevada’s key industry sectors. It includes the Woofound Personality Assessment, an accurate and quick personality trait assessment that measures personality traits and provides instant actionable data to help participants start mapping their careers.

Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Career Exploration Workshops:

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These interactive/hands-on workshops expose participants to skill sets and competencies needed for occupations across all key industry sectors identified in the Governor’s Economic Development Plan. Workshops are updated / added according to changes in the local labor market. The current available workshops are:

  • Electricity, It’s A Snap
  • Electronics Demystified
  • Clean Energy
  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Robots In The Workplace
  • Programming And Coding
  • The 3-D Printing Revolution

After participants complete the workshops and have identified a career pathway that matches their unique set of circumstances, they are better prepared to choose the appropriate trainings from the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). Training helps them acquire an industry recognized certificate or credential. They can also participate in related On the Job Trainings (OJTs) that will lead to unsubsidized permanent employment.

Strategic Initiatives


Mobile One-Stop: In order to increase our geographical footprint within the local area and provide greater workforce development access points for customers into the system, Workforce Connections deployed the Mobile One-Stop Project.  A retired bus donated by Southern Nevada’s Regional Transportation Commission was repurposed and transformed into a Mobile One-Stop unit. Its deployment throughout the local workforce development area is coordinated by the One-Stop Career Center Operator.

The repurposed bus has two separate office spaces where system clients can meet one-on-one with system staff. Each office space is equipped with a desk, chairs, lockable cabinetry and its own laptop and printer. An additional battery-bank and inverter system were added to the bus in order to provide the necessary power for the new office equipment. The bus already met Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements so the existing feature was incorporated into the repurposing-design process. This allowed for one of the two office spaces to be made accessible for people with disabilities. This repurposed asset will help Workforce Connections increase access to system services to all populations in our local area, including those with special accessibility needs.

Sector Strategies

Nevada’s Targeted Industry Sectors: We focus our efforts and align our resources to support the key industry sectors identified by the Governor’s Economic Development Plan.

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Clean Energy
  • Healthcare and Medical Services
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and Materials
  • Tourism, Gaming and Entertainment

Business Engagement Advisory Panel: This sector-focused advisory panel, comprised of local employers within our local workforce investment, have decision-making and hiring authority in local businesses, and deliver “real time” and locally relevant workforce intelligence for Southern Nevada’s One-Stop Delivery System (OSDS). The intelligence received is used to improve services within the OSDS and to align training resources through proactive management of the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL).


Youth One-Stop Affiliate Sites: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth programs are strategically & geographically located throughout Southern Nevada in order to provide education, employment and training services to a variety of opportunity youth populations – foster youth, youth offenders, youth with disabilities, homeless/runaway youth, pregnant/parenting youth, dropouts, low-income youth, English language learners, and youth requiring additional assistance to complete their education or secure employment.

Targeted Youth Populations: A variety of WIOA programs are specifically funded to target particular youth populations facing barriers to completing their education and/or securing employment. Youth Advocate Programs (YAP) Youth Re-Entry Program works closely with both Caliente Youth Center and Spring Mountain Youth Center to ensure at risk or high risk youth are exiting these facilities with a continuous support system that focuses on their journey to self-sufficiency. Olive Crest’s Project Independence Program serves current and former foster youth to complete their education, pursue a trade certificate or post-secondary education and to assist youth with securing a job or WEX that will match their individual interests and financial needs. Goodwill’s ELITE Program delivers individualized and holistic transition services empowering youth with disabilities to be successful on their journey to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Initiative that Address Barriers to Employment

Back-to-Work 50+ Program: The Back-to-Work 50+ program, sponsored by the national American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Foundation, features a 12-week series of holistic personal coaching workshops that address the fears associated with being a 50+ job seeker in a labor market increasingly in need of highly-skilled workers.  Participants are empowered to recognize their talents and appreciate their unique life and job experiences.  This in turn raises their self-esteem, supports their growth and success through additional training and ultimately leads to increased employability.  Through co-enrollment with WIOA service providers and additional no-cost workshops offered by community partners such as Wells Fargo and Dress for Success Southern Nevada, the personal coaching is coupled with a full array of employment and training services to create a comprehensive program that addresses all barriers to employment.

Pre- & Post-Release Initiative: The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) provides pre-release services to female inmates in tandem with Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT) providing workforce development services upon release from the Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center. Ex-offenders are provided with the tools necessary to successfully reintegrate back into the workforce.  Services include occupational skills training, holistic assessments, on-the-job trainings, individualized and intensive case management and career counseling, re-entry job readiness workshops, follow-up services, etc.

Individuals with Disabilities

Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Facility Improvements: Workforce Connections completed an ADA Facility Improvements Project in the One-Stop Career Center and Workforce Connections’ Administrative Offices. The additions greatly improved the accessibility to the building for people with disabilities. The project went above and beyond the minimum ADA facility-features required by law. The amount of dedicated accessible parking spaces adjacent to the building was tripled. Additional access ramps and rails were installed at entrance/exit ways. Ten additional electrical door operators were installed at multiple locations throughout the facility. These facility upgrades will help achieve Workforce Connections’ objective of providing the best services available to all populations of our local community including those with special accessibility needs.


Transition from Military Medic to Nursing: The Military Medic/Corpsman to Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) is a 15-credit one-semester program designed to bridge the military member or veteran’s medical education and experience with the role of an LPN.  This program was developed in collaboration between the Nevada State Board of Nursing and the College of Southern Nevada as a pilot program of the National Governor’s Association.

The Green Zone Initiative: The mission of the Green Zone Initiative is to ensure that every veteran at home, or returning to our communities, is thriving.   The initiative is to marshal and align all available resources, in order to reduce gaps in service, reduce duplication of service and better serve Nevada’s military service members, veterans, their families and survivors.

The Las Vegas Urban League:


The Las Vegas Urban League Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) program provides job placement and training assistance to eligible veterans and spouses.  The program also serves as a bridge to link veterans to benefits within the Veterans Administration, community based programs, and to other supportive services. In addition, the VETS program targets 30% of its participants from the post 9/11 era, with the remaining enrollees coming from other service eras.

Veterans Financial Coaching: The One-Stop Career Center is one of only 60 sites in the nation to be selected as a host for a veterans financial coach through the Armed Forces Services Corporation (AFSC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  Financial coaching is a method of providing financial education through advice and encouragement, in a process largely driven by the client.  The approach is strengths-based and uses encouragement, accountability, and practice to empower the consumer to change behavior.  This program is able to provide financial coaching services to transitioning veterans to help them proactively take control of their finances at one of the most crucial moments in their lives.