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The Workforce Development Council (WDC) has established three committees – Advocacy/Policy Committee, Best Practices and Communications Committee and Membership Committee to focus on specific policy issues and programming for the USCM WDC as a whole.

Advocacy/Policy Committee
The USCM WDC Policy/Advocacy Committee goals: National, Federal and congressional leaders understand workforce issues and take action to implement the USCM WDC’s policy recommendations.  State and local stakeholders understand workforce issues and take action to support the USCM WDC’s priorities.  The 2019 WDC Advocacy/ Policy Committee Co-Chairs are City of Pembroke Pines CareerSource Broward General Counsel Rochelle Daniels and City of Vancouver Workforce Southwest Washington CEO Kevin Perkey.

Best Practices and Communications Committee
The USCM WDC Best Practices and Communications Committee goal: WDC members have consistent access to workforce development and organizational best practices and are able to develop, implement, and scale effective workforce solutions. The 2019 WDC Best Practices Committee Co-Chairs are City of Las Vegas Office of the City Manager Chief Community Services Officer Dr. Lisa Morris-Hibbler, City of Long Beach Pacific Gateway WIB Executive Director Nick Schultz and City of Gainesville CareerSource North Central Florida Executive Director Frank Avery.

Membership Committee
The USCM WDC Membership Committee goal: The USCM WDC has a geographically and legislatively diverse membership base that is actively engaged in implementing its strategic plan. The 2019 WDC Membership Committee Co-Chairs are City of East Orange Mayor’s Office of Employment and Training Director LaDonna Johns and City of Corpus Christi Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend President and CEO Kenneth Trevino.